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  • $127 - Marcie, MI :
    " A great and trustworthy company!"
  • $97 - Wilbur, MA :
    " Very professional and fast."
  • $169 - Jackson, NY :
    " What a blessing!!"
3 Methods Of Payment

Welcome to Test Strip Exchange

The Test Strip Exchange program was established so that people could donate or sell their excess test strips & supplies in an effort to help diabetics who have a lower income, lost a job or perhaps do not have insurance, yet need to manage their diabetes. Recycling your unused, unexpired diabetic products can help you with extra cash, while helping others with the products they need. At Test Strip Exchange we do just that!

Millions of boxes of diabetic test strips are manufactured each year. Unfortunately, not all the boxes of test strips are actually used. There are many reasons, many of which are good reasons, why boxes go unused (see our FAQ section for details).

There are millions of people in the United States that are currently living with diabetes that do not have the proper medical insurance coverage limiting them, making test strips at retail price unaffordable. These people put their health in jeopardy everyday by not testing like they are required to do so, simply because they can't afford their test strips. Help us, help others.

We also support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

How It Works

Step 1
Verify the brand and expiration dates of your test strips and that all boxes are sealed and unexpired. Use the Quick Cash Calculator to determine how much your test strips are worth.
Step 2
Enter your contact information and where you prefer your payment to. Verify all information and when correct, please submit your order and print your packing slip..
Step 3
Pack your test strip boxes in a box securely so they don't get damaged during shipping. Please include your packing slip and send them to our facility. Our address is on your packing slip. Once we receive your package, your payment will be sent out within 48 hours and you will be notified that your money is on the way!